DSLR Better Focusing Hoodman Loupe

If you're looking to get Razor Sharp focus on a DSLR, this post is for you! I've posted about Loupes before, but this Hoodman is just jumping off as the best price + features.

If you're not familiar with a LCD Loupe, it covers the LCD on your camera so you can not only see better color and contrast, but it will magnify the LCD so you can see pixel for pixel what's in focus and what's not. Nothing like poor focus to ruin good video footage. Plus it adds 'more looks per hour' to your mojo.

I've been reviewing quite a bit of different LCD loupes and personally own the LCDVF. The LCDVF is a great looking product that ties in nicely with the color scheme of Canon L lenses, but it lacks some features found on the Zacuto Z-Finder. The Hoodman has been around for quite some time, but it seems they've been putting alot of emphasis on video DSLR's. The Hoodman HLPP3 Hoodloupe Pro bundle with Eye cup is a perfect bargain because it comes in cheaper than other Loupes, and has more options than the LCDVF. This Hoodman comes with a diopter for those who have 'less than perfect vision', and actually straps to the camera. The Z-finder and LCDVF use a magnetic frame which you can easily knock the loupe off the camera (i've done it many times). I wished I held out a bit longer now, but maybe I'll just pick up a second. Check out the link below and get your's while they're in stock. With the new T2i out, i'm sure it will sell out very quickly.

Sample Canon with Hoodman Loupe:
Canon DSLR Video HD Hoodman Loupe

9 thoughts on “DSLR Better Focusing Hoodman Loupe

  1. I just got my Hoodman love the clarity, and also bought the cinetrape. Only plyaed with it a second last night but looking at the back of the camera and the small body of the left size T2i, don't see a good way to affix the straps to that side of the camera. Any suggestions.

  2. admin

    Post author

    I would go with the LCDVF if you have a Canon and L lenses. The color scheme looks really good together with black and red. If you plan on sharing the LCDVF with other cameras, you'll need to buy additional mounting frames at about 8 dollars each.

  3. Chris

    So you prefer the hoodman loupe because of the diopter and the mounting system?

    For someone with perfect vision where the price difference doesn't matter much, what would you suggest?

    I am looking to by a loupe within the next couple days, so I appreciate your input.

  4. Boz

    I couldn't agree more with this review. I have the Hoodman, and I did have the LCDVF for a short time (before I realized I couldn't focus it). Bang for the buck, the Hoodman stands out. It's not the best or the fanciest, but it gets the job done. The LCDVF is great if you have near perfect vision, and while I haven't tried the zFinder, I hear it's superb; just ridiculously overpriced at $400. My only complaint about the Hoodman is the mounting system. The straps are cumbersome and ugly. I'd love to see you work your magic on a better mounting system. Thanks for the review.

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