Canon 550D T2i Revolution

The Canon T2i ( a.k.a 550D ) is hands down an awesome buy for any Videographer looking to get into DSLR video cameras. Taking virtually exact Video features from the Canon 7D for less than half the price, it's pretty much a no brainer for first time vDSLR buyers. It's a weird time right now for most people who purchased the 5D Mark II or Canon 7D. We used to feel good about having the most expensive cameras on the market, but now feel sort of silly for having overpayed on the features now available on the Canon T2i. Well I'll just try to convince myself that I'm a Pioneer or Veteran of DSLR video. There in the beginning, before this revolution of sorts. So what if I paid thousands more for video features that consumers can now pick up at the local Walmart? Well so that i'm not too left out, I think it's time I place an order for my Canon T2i.....

One thought on “Canon 550D T2i Revolution

  1. It's a good point unless you actually bought the 5D mk2 for what it was originally designed to do; 20 megapixel fully frame still photography. It's still a bargain as a sub-$3k camera that can do that.

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