DIY Recycled Bike Steadicam

What do you get when you mix an old Bike Wheel, Bike Crank, and Bike Wheel Hub? You get a functioning Video Camera Stabilizer a.k.a DIY Steadicam. It will all make more sense after checking out the video above from YouTube member thomasumJohnson. Improvements? I would stay start with a smaller wheel maybe from a childs bike. This should cut down on about half the size, but still give you that nice arch. The smooth wheel hub is a nice touch, and it appears he's using a U-Joint similar to the WSClater builds for making a Gimbal Handle. But if you're not the type to tackle a 'Gimbal', Lensse can provide you with something

6 thoughts on “DIY Recycled Bike Steadicam

  1. MisterO

    I kinda like those crazy ideas, even though the whole thing seems way too big to be really functional or practical.
    But still, keep building silly concepts guys (I personnaly gave up)

  2. Tim

    Very inovative, but I would watch that cheap tripod quick release. I almost lost a camera due to one of those failing.

  3. fuzzynormal

    Yeah, but that's just lazy execution. Even a pro rig takes a lot of skill to make a good shot work effectively.

    Trotting behind sniffing siblings along the moors hardly makes for a compelling shot.

  4. fabdex

    Look kinda neat until you see it in action: like a lot of the recent DIY projects I've seen, it doesn't live up to the performance level of a "real" product.

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