D-Fuse Instant Pop Up Led Light Panel Softboxes Now Available for Aputure 672 578 and LightStorm LS1 Panels

The D-Fuse Softbox is an Instant quick to setup Softbox for LED Video Light Panels. No tools, no loose parts, no assembly. When it's time to pack up, the softbox folds down to a very small compact lightweight size. They now offer three different sizes depending on the size of your LED light panel. The two shown in the video (below) are designed to fit the Aputure Amaran 528 and Aputure 672 LED Panels perfectly, and the larger Aputure LightStorm LS1 LED Panels.

Remember that these Softboxes are Universal and you will find they can fit many other Popular LED Light Panels. The largest 12x12 should make a perfect Softbox for the LitePanels Astra, and the smallest version will also fit perfectly with the CAME-TV 576B and 576D Ultra Slim LED Light Panels (tried it myself). For more information about the D-Fuse Instant Pop Up LED Light Softboxes check out the product pages (here).

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10 thoughts on “D-Fuse Instant Pop Up Led Light Panel Softboxes Now Available for Aputure 672 578 and LightStorm LS1 Panels

  1. Light panel question. In terms of cost, output, powering options (v-mount, etc.) and CRI... which would you recommend as a better "bang for the buck" 1.) the CAME-TV 1x1 panel or 2.) an Aputure Lightstorm 1S style? Just loking for opinions, Thanks!

  2. Post author

    @arthur7 - Measure your LED Light, and check the measurement of the box on their website. I don't have an exact answer, but these things are pretty universal. I'm guessing if you opened up the barndoors on your light, it would work.

  3. arthur7

    Hello Emm, i have Yongnuo YN900s LED lights is it ok to use the one for Amaran 672?

  4. Fox

    Awesome product can't wait to get some on my LED's! That dynamic range tho on this video!

  5. Grids, grids, grids, beautiful grids, they have griiiiiiiiids! I can't believe it. I'm going straight to the ordering page. So, the large one is 12x12, what is the size for the one for the Aputure 672?

  6. A1

    Hi Emms

    Thanks for that I brought 3 when I saw your first video,
    When are they going to bring out the grid for the bigger ones,

    Just some feed back, I wish the soft boxes were more deeper,
    however they are still better than just the raw light.

    Your a Legend
    A1 From Sydney Australia

  7. Post author

    @cinexa - At the time of the release, there was not a larger size. The larger size is just available now. I believe if you contact the company, perhaps ask them if they may be able to sell you the straps from the large model.

  8. Can you order additional longer straps? the ones I have as an early adapter do not fit and I can barely strap down on 12X12 panel. I did not know there was a larger size. I purchased the 2 months ago when they first came out.

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