Aputure DEC Lens Adapter + Wireless Follow Focus for Canon EF to Sony E-Mount and MFT

Last year NAB 2014 Aputure showed off an entirely new and innovative Wireless Remote Follow Focus system. It looks like a basic lens adapter to add a Canon EF (autofocus lens) to a Micro Four Thirds or Sony E-Mount camera, but this lens adapter has enough communication with the EF Lens that it can drive it's focus motors, change aperture, and also send back the focal distance to the wireless remote.

NAB 2014 Video

The Aputure DEC Remote can also Start / Stop video on certain cameras, and A/B focus points can be set to rack from one focus point to another. If you're familiar with traditional Wireless Follow Focus systems it typically requires a set of 15mm Rods, a Focus Motor, Lens Gears, Battery Pack, and Wireless Receiver. The Aputure DEC eliminates all of that extra gear into just a simple lens adapter which makes it perfect for small camera systems on small stabilizers (steadicams) and Gimbal Stabilizers.

It's been a year since it's been introduced, and what I thought was a lost idea is actually becoming reality. The product is still not available to purchase, but right now I have in possession a couple of prototypes to test out. I'm super excited about this, comments?

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Aputure DEC Lens Adapter wireless follow focus
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13 thoughts on “Aputure DEC Lens Adapter + Wireless Follow Focus for Canon EF to Sony E-Mount and MFT

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Charlie - It will work but you have to add a small riser under your camera body.

  2. Charlie

    Hi, Do you have any thoughts on how well this would work on a DJI Ronin (preferably the M model)? I am looking for focus solutions on the cheap and this could fit the bill. I am concerned that it wouldn't fit on the baseplate due to the large protruding part at the bottom of the adapter. Have you tried this to see if it works? Thanks, C

  3. Does anyone know if IS stabilisation is supported - i have a sigma 24-105 F4 as my main run n gun lens and would loathe to order it and have IS not to work....

  4. very good idea ! does it "unclick" the aperture ?as it dial directly to the iris blade, does we still get step by step aperture ? or video lens like aperture, with seamless aperture correction ?

  5. Dan

    I wish a controller could interface directly with the GH4 and its Panasonic lenses. What if I don't have Canon lenses?

    I've tried the RF iPhone/iPad Panasonic Image App, but it's too slow.

    Why can't someone talk to the camera directly and allow follow focus during recording?

    I have to keep remembering that the GH4 is a consumer camera that we are using it way beyond its expectations.

    Still, if we had a wireless (or even a wired) ability to control focus precisely during video recording I would be a happy man, for a few minutes anyway.

  6. Charlie

    Good point, Gleb. That could be a tricky issue. In my fs700/movi example it's no problem. Would be way out in front. For DSLRs it would likely be an issue, especially when using long lenses requiring moving the body rearward for balance. Some of the regular handheld rigs with a height adjustment (like digital juice) shouldn't have any trouble adapting though.

    Aputure looks to have a nicer big focus wheel on their wired focus controller, so hopefully something like that is coming for this.

  7. Looks promising, can't wait until you give us a review and show some footage and flesh out more of it's capabilities. I especially like the possibility of using it on my Came tv 8000 or up on a jib, great production value. Also curious what the pricepoint will be since they said $1k last year, as we all know parts and electronics keep on getting cheaper...

  8. Gleb

    The huge triangular part at the bottom of the adapter is surely going to interfere with baseplate/bars setups.
    The second your camera is not at the very end of your quick release plate (gimbals for example) and/or has bars attached for a mattebox or anything else - it's unusable, or at best - very tricky an annoying to work around.

  9. The wireless remote really does need a large dial like the Bartech or Preston wireless follow focus to be considered for any use on sets, I think.

  10. Charlie

    Maybe amazing. 1) Does/will it have a large, smooth, and proportional focus control wheel? If not, I can't see doing much real work with it. On gimbal shots especially, there are usually multiple chances to miss focus on a single take.
    2) How is the weight? Could be a killer solution for mounting FS700 size cams on Movi M10 size gimbals if it both cuts weight and moves CG backwards vs. MicroRemote FF. It's already ahead of the game by replacing the Metabones adapter weight.

  11. OldCorpse

    Great...!...for Canon lens owners.... Meanwhile, some of us have built up huge investments in f.ex. Nikon lenses... I don't suppose there's ever going to be anything for us... after all, look at the Metabones SB - all sorts of electronic communications for Canon, and of course, nada for Nikon. But such is life, I guess.

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