550D / T2i Battery Grip BG-E8 – Rare

Wow, it's been a struggle trying to get a hold of one of these Battery Grips for the Canon EOS 550D a.k.a. T2i. This is the OEM Canon BG-E8 part number which I could not find in stock on Amazon, Adorama, B&H Photo Video. Much props to the guys at Calumet San Francisco for tracking one down in their San Diego store and having it shipped. This grip definitely makes holding the Canon EOS 550D alot easier, especially since it's front heavy from a lens.

A must have piece of equipment if you own a T2i, not just for double the battery life, not just for the flexibility of using Eneloop batteries, but for the stability it can add to your shots. (Not to mention making it look a bit more like it's bigger siblings...). The problem is even on eBay you won't find USA sellers carrying this item. The best bet on eBay is to order the OEM versions from overseas. You can find the BG-E8 battery grip for the Canon EOS 550D / T2i available through this link - Click Here.

Canon EOS 550D T2i Battery Grip BG-E8

9 thoughts on “550D / T2i Battery Grip BG-E8 – Rare

  1. Joe

    Im new to the whole dslr filming. Does it matter if the off brand battery grip for the T2i is from another country even if I have the American version of the T2i? I found some on Ebay going for $59.99.

  2. Font

    As far as i know the 3 party grip for 550D start on ebay and some shopping site at latest two weeks, so how many guys have bought? and could give a opinion, i just find one one knock-off 550D grip this site linkdelight.com (a nice site sold photography accessories) the price only $59.99.

  3. Roland


    just a quick one to say that ebay are now selling 3rd party battery grips for the T2i/550d...

    ordered mine this morning 🙂

  4. admin

    Post author

    At the time I purchased the grip, the only one available was the OEM. I have not tried the aftermarket for 550D, but i have always been using aftermarket grips on all my cameras. If you know anyone who's tried it out, let us know. Thanks.

  5. Aaron

    What are your thoughts on the BP-550D found on ebay? HKSupplies seems to have a bunch of these generic ones for under $80. Since you use "knock-offs" on your other two cameras, how do you feel about this one?


  6. admin

    Post author

    Haha i think you're right. I was searching for a long time, they are hard to come by.

  7. i think you stole the last one! i just got a call the other day from calumet in Santa Ana, saying someone just order the last one that hey have in stock! ha.

  8. admin

    Post author

    Yea. It even comes with other buttons and switches for making picture taking in portrait mode easier.

  9. Tim


    Nice post there, but i´m new to this, so sorry for noob question. But the grip have the hole under so I can connect to my tripod?
    Thanks for answear

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