Yongnuo RF603n Wireless Trigger Test

YouTube member Wandomphoto performs a distance test with the Yongnuo RF603n (the n is for Nikon), and claims some pretty good results up to 1/4 mile away. These are very basic triggers and receivers that lack all the other high speed sync and communications that other high end triggers offer, but are fairly reliable. I am still using the RF602 triggers which included one remote trigger and one receiver. I haven't upgraded because they are not compatible with the RF603. The RF603 made a change in design that makes them 'Transceivers' which is both a transmitter and receiver. That's actually a much better design when you need to keep adding another remote or another receiver to the kit. A pair of these will run you about $30 bucks, and you can check them out via eBay (click here)

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6 thoughts on “Yongnuo RF603n Wireless Trigger Test

  1. Frank

    I want to use these with either my Canon T2i or Nikon D300 and with a Nikon SB-28 and a Canon 480. Do I need to purchase two sets? Are they not universal?

  2. excuse my lack of knowledge with flash photography. If I have two external canon speedlights (580ex II and 600ex), and I want to flash both off camera, would someone correct me if I'm wrong but I think I need:

    1 transmitter (to go on hotshoe of camera)
    2 receivers (to pair with each of the flahses)

    Am I right?

  3. Paul

    I have 2 sets and overall they work pretty well. One issue I've had is that the 602 have threads at the bottom so I can mount securely. The 603s don't so it's pretty loose on a non locking cold shoe on a light stand. If the receiver is loose, the connection will sometimes touch and will give a red error message an not work until fixed

  4. crazyrunner33

    I use these for flash photography also, works very well with three flashes.

  5. Trent Sprenkle

    So can I use both my speedlights off camera paired up with one of these and stick a third on my MkII to control them??? Wow, the distance is amazing! Great vid!


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