Wondlan Carbon Video Camera Stabilizer

Less than a year ago, Wondlan introduced a few hand held carbon fiber stabilizers. Since the release, it was short of showcasing excellent examples of the stabilizers in use, so it was hard to tell if it was the actual unit or operator experience. Here's one video that shows some pretty fluid movements and also a short balancing tutorial with one of the Wondlan stabilizers. Besides the light weight Carbon Fiber, certain models of the Wondlan Stabilizer can telescope fairly tall to be used as a short monopod when you're not flying around.

Wondlan Carbon StabilizerWondlan Stabilizer Leopard Carbon
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7 thoughts on “Wondlan Carbon Video Camera Stabilizer

  1. Tested this in a shop recently. it's really well made but lacks the outward extending weights on the glidecam which means it's harder to smoothly turn left and right.
    apart from that it seems perfect compared to the glidecam HD stabilizers (which i have used a lot) the adjustable handle position is great and its the only thing missing on glidecam.
    The smaller top and included quick release is also a great addition.

  2. Matthadius

    @Todd the Glidecam that is the similar model is not a fraction of the cost as this particular product. The glide cam hd 2000 is more expensive. So I would also like to know what brand is better quality and costs less? You sound like you work with this stuff so it would really help out the beginners like me.

    Thanks man.

  3. bonito

    Hey todd, tony has a point. If you have many great alternatives, please state them. No need of calling him " a little fucking pussy", unless you are a jerk, which im sure you are not, so please, state them.

  4. todd

    @Tony, first, you have no idea of my experience or credibility and come off sounding like a total douche with your attack on me. If you read my post, I mentioned the Glide Cam as a cheaper option than that particular Wondlan product. Most people, including working pros, don't have a lot of extra cash in this economy, all I did was state my opinion in the hopes of getting a person to think about making a big purchase like that. As far as waiting for great options, you seem to be a know it all so why don't you share instead of being a little fucking pussy and attacking me?

  5. Tony

    "...can tell you that there are other great options out there for a fraction of the cost."

    How long do we have to wait for you to tell us these other great options?

    "A friend let me borrow her Wondlan stabilizer...I have never used this particular Wondlan product"

    Thanks for the credibility and hands on experience. o_O

  6. imgpro615

    ...i wonder how it compares to the flycam c5 and if it can use the glidecam and flycam arm braces...

  7. todd

    There are some genuinely great quality companies pumping out cinema and photo gear in China. In my experience, Wondlan is NOT one of them. A friend let me borrow her Wondlan stabilizer and it was not only impossible to balance, but the build quality vs price was a joke. I am an experienced Stedicam op in both news and film, and can tell you that there are other great options out there for a fraction of the cost. Also, carbon fiber is one of the most misused materials in engineering, while it may be fine for a knee brace or golf clubs, the cost/performance factor is not that great when it comes to stabilizers. I have never used this particular Wondlan product, but have used 3 other stabilizers and all but one was too difficult to deal with. Save your money, lift a few weights and get the Glidecam, it is simple to use and you will get great results.

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