Wondlan Carbon Stabilizer Single Arm Vest System

Wondlan-Vest Stabilizer

If you have had to shoot with a stabilizer for more than 3 minutes straight, you're probably already looking into a Support Vest. The problem is finding a good affordable Support Vest and Stabilizer Kit. I personally won't put my money down on the Flycam Stabilizer Vests. I went for the Steadicam Merlin vest at $1600 dollars, but you'll still be shy of a good Glidecam stabilizer that can run another $400+.

I-Type Stabilizer Support Vest WondlanCarbon-Fiber-Stabilizer-Support-Vest

Recently Wondlan has been pushing a bunch of new Single Arm Stabilizer Vest + Stabilizer Kits. These lightweight kits vary in price starting under just $1K depending on what stabilizer is bundled with the vest. Wondlan has a Mini Handheld stabilizer, Carbon Fiber Stabilizer, or larger I-Type. Not too shabby for hopefully the same quality that Wondlan has provided in their past equipment, but I'm still trying to dig up some official reviews on this new gear. Check out the various kits via eBay (Click Here).

Wondlan-VestWondlan Single arm vest Stabilizer
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5 thoughts on “Wondlan Carbon Stabilizer Single Arm Vest System

  1. Altamiradora

    I must be stupid...

    I don't understand the concept of just ONE arm. This is not practical, nor useful.

    I can understand however that they want to cut costs...

    Again, Wond-er-land want us to believe that they know something about videography.

    This gives you what? 15-20 inches of up-down amplitude. 20 inches of play sideways ?

    Wow ! 🙂 Good joke !

  2. Jerry

    I purchased one and never got it to work great for me. The thing that sold on me was the gimbal can move up or down the post to get it really balance. I got it to balance, but once you start moving and I"m pretty smooth when it come to hand hold. With the Glidecam, I can jerk the around and my images does not see to jerk vs the wondlan. You may not see as you fly it but once you view the video, it was jerking alot, side to side. Ok so it can be a monopod, sorry, I find it very useless. I ended up destroying a $460 stabilizer. Oh another thing, it's not well made like the glidecam, in fact the flycam is better. The wondlan have friction on the handle, so when you turn the gimbal the post stayed in the same position, well this one turns the hold post. But hey buy it and find out your self.

  3. Tony

    Thing is I always wondered how do you use one of these when your talent is standing 6'feet tall or more? The eye level seems to be 6 inches less than a camera shoulder mounted.

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