Velbon PH-368 – Back In Stock

I posted up about a very effective (and cheap) Velbon fluid head a few weeks back and it literally sold out in a few hours. For around $26-29 dollars, it's a great way to add on a dedicated Fluid head for camera dollies, sliders, etc. You can find the original video, article, and other comments about the fluid here:

A few of the units are back in stock at B&H (click here).
find-price-button Velbon Fluid Video Tripod head - via B&H

or at Amazon (click here) available at both B&H and Amazon (click here)

find-price-button Velbon Fluid Video Tripod head - via Amazon


8 thoughts on “Velbon PH-368 – Back In Stock

  1. Tony

    Isn't it maddening to see this head go from $25 to $40 in 6 months. I bought one for $30 from B&H last month and Adorama had it for the same price. Now both retailers have them listed at $40 (currently out of stock). LEECHES!!! >:-(

  2. Haha thamks a bunch. 😀 I gotta wait until they're back in stock though...

    Sould I just buy the wf717 that I already have?

    I'm putting this on a manfrotto 560 monopod.

  3. Ben

    Damn, out of stock again! The only ones are waay over priced on ebay. I could see the price going up... Damn.

  4. Alex

    Do you know where can I find these in Europe? The lowest price I could find on ebay, shipped from HK is 53 Euros (that's about 73 USD), I just need a cheap (but good) second fluid head.

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