Varavon Slim Video Camera Slider Discount

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The Varavon Sliders come in a few variations from Slim, Mini, EX, and ENG models. The 'Slim' is the smallest and narrowest version of their slider weighing in at around 5lbs total. It's the common roller bearing carrier design, so it's very smooth, and friction can be adjusted with the bearings.

Old video above of NAB 2011 where we first saw the Varavon Slim video camera slider. Normally even the smallest and cheapest Varavon slider will still run you about $600 dollars retail (seen here), but yesterday there's been a few listings of the Slim Camera Slider on sale for just under $330.

Right now, that's a bit cheaper than even Konova's 31.5" (first gen) slider. The Varavon ultralight Slim version is the narrowest slider on the market at 42mm wide, coming in at 39.4" long, and says it can carry a max payload of 19kg (42lbs?). You'll find those Varavon Slim Camera Sliders on sale following the link (click here)

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18 thoughts on “Varavon Slim Video Camera Slider Discount

  1. Frankie

    I just got this Varavon Slim in the mail today. It slides smooth like butter. Can't wait to make some nice videos with this 🙂

  2. Scott

    I bought a Slidecam a month ago and it works great. It is not only smooth but also easy to adjust tension. I also want to see a review of another Slidecams (Mini, Ex, Eng If I am right)

  3. Steve

    I tried both during my shooting but the Slidecam was way better. It moves smoother and more stable. The significant difference was the block. Varavon slidecam has 4 bearings inside block and they were really well made. The Slidecam video shows seems that it was set unstably..

  4. And,
    Shown in the video slider settings are wrong, especially the video head is not well fitted.
    Varavon slider is smooth and stable and has a more wide variety, SLIM, MINI, EX, ENG.
    And to suit your tastes, this tension can be adjusted.
    And Varavon slider has a scale not found in other products.

  5. Alexander

    I love my konova slider specially when it updated to the new version,it can be used outdoor and all angles.
    I did also purchased a varavon Profinder,the mirror falls down after 1 week and then the plastic hooks broke days later.

  6. jonts

    Seems to be alot of wobble on that live demo setup (around 33seconds), he just touched the setup and it wobbles. Pretty poorly set up especially for a live demo/expo wherever they were.

    Hrm..., also that video head is just a re labeled Weifeng.

    But good luck to them.

  7. ProductUV

    Hey Emm

    I would still like to see your video review of the new heavy duty Kovona K5 slider in comparison to the K3 version. Things like weight, size, portability, smooth rolling, noise, ect .

    Thanks again for all your work.......

  8. Juan

    Slim...I like slim, but I think this one has a lot of shaky side movements that can ruin my shot. I've tried Konova one time, and is great. I don't know, may be the Varavon demo unit wasn't setup properly (as another reviewer mentioned before), but come on! If you are going to feature your new toy, you better bring your screwdriver and allen keys right ?

  9. Mav

    It's amazing to me that, without naming competitor names, all of these use the same track, available for about $60USD. You can build your own, same parts and shiny things, for about $150 with high quality parts. Wow, I'm in the wrong business!

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Garrett - The Slim is not going to carry as much weight as the normal Konova slider. If you're camera setup doesn't require it (shoting on Micro Four thirds, Sony NEX, Nikon 1, etc), then lighter is better for traveling. I would love to get a slider this lightweight, but the the length is a bit long. Too bad they didn't make one about 10 inches shorter.

  11. Garrett

    Hey Emm,
    Have you played with this one? Do you have any comparison with the Konova? I'm thinking about taking the plunge and trying to decide between the two.

  12. I'm in the same boat. Been looking for a review on the mini, but no luck. It looks really wobbly in the video, but I'm not sure if the tensions need to be adjusted or what.

  13. Garrett

    Has anyone tried these? How would they compare with the konova? There doesn't seem to be any real reviews on the web; just NAB reviews. That concerns me.

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