Varavon Profinder Angled LCD View Finder and Slide Cam


Varavon is a new company that seems to want to make a name for itself in fast growing world of DSLR's. We've linked to this viewfinder before, but it looks like it's recently showing up on eBay auctions and a recent demo video posted at Not the most modern design in view finders, but it looks like it's got some beef to it.

In the video (below), I have no idea what this guy is saying, but that viewfinder looks massive!

It seems to mount under the camera, and has some use for low angle shots through some funky mirror design. The price is extremely high for any LCD Viewfinder loupe, especially for a company that hasn't made a name for itself in DSLR country. I personally don't think this thing is going to flying off the shelves anytime soon, but if you care to peek, here's the link to the Varavon Profinder LCD Viewfinder Loupe


Another item Varavon is throwing out is their Camera slider called the 'Slide Cam'. Not a bad looking design with the black and red motif, but again price is going to kill 'em. Nothing special to talk about this camera slider, it basically slides a camera. But again if you care, Here's the link to the Varavon Slide Cam.

4 thoughts on “Varavon Profinder Angled LCD View Finder and Slide Cam

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  3. Emm

    Post author

    Hmm let me think about that. The really good ones run over $1000 bucks, the cheapest ones about $140. What's your budget and how long of a rail do you need? My preference is 2-3 feet max.

  4. pedro bracho

    ey men i think the link is broken.. but if this slide cam is too expensive too... wich you think is a cheaper/ good one?

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