Varavon New Follow Focus – Two Hard Stops


Varavon has posted more images of their latest follow focus system with two adjustable hard stops and reversible gear. A quick release type clamp to 15mm rods. Along with the FF, they also offer 'Short Rod Plus' and 'Short Rod Slim' 15mm base rod sets. Varavon seems to have good integration with their existing products to make everything nice and compact. Seen (above) is the new Follow Focus, on short base rails, with Varavon Pro Finder. No definitive pricing information, but if the early listing at B&H is correct, then it's going for more than $500 dollars. The listing is pretty empty so who knows if this is a bundle to include rails and viewfinder too. If you want to see that listing (click here).


I just happened upon the new FF while doing a Video Review on their GH2 EX Solo Loupe - with Support Bracket that just came in today. Hang tight, i'll post that video review in a few...

Varavon Loupe EX-Supporter for GHx Cameras

9 thoughts on “Varavon New Follow Focus – Two Hard Stops

  1. If money wasn't an issue, what follow focus system would you purchase for a Canon 5D MK3? Looking to purchase a complete package. Follow focus, housing, rails, I'm looking for a complete solution. Thanks for your help.

  2. Matthew

    If that thing has the same mediocre gear box system as the RJ it is way over priced. I would say the best bang for the buck FF is from Gini. It's rock solid with minor lash and looks good. I got one for $210 after shipping with no regrets. Buy one with a rig for an even better deal.

  3. I agree, The price is too steep. But that's just me, a poor boy like me can no afford. What is the best follow focus "bang for the buck"? There are just so many now and I have been following Emm's reviews but still can not decide on cheaper ones. My proaim took a dump on me and I am hoping to find a pretty good one that is a decent price.

  4. Tom

    Looks oddly similar to the RJ Follow focus... The gearbox is the same, and the knob looks similar....

    Compared to the Gini... This isn't worth it.

  5. Kyle

    I don't understand wanting a viewfinder loupe on the GH cameras. The built in VF is better than the LCD.

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