Unboxing the Zeus Camera Cage for Sony A7SII and A7RII by Varavon

Today I received the new Varavon Zeus Cage designed to fit two of the hottest cameras on the market today - the new Sony A7sII and A7rII. While i'm working on another product overview video, I thought I would have some fun unboxing the new Zeus Cage.

So if you're not a fan of unboxing videos, you may want to skip this article. Otherwise here's a neat unboxing technique that was done all in 'one single continuous take' with no cuts in the video.

There are so many cool features in the Zeus cage, and i'll be sharing more of that information soon in another video. For now you can get more information about the Zeus Cage for the A7sII and A7rII (here).

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VIEW-ITEM Varavon Zeus Cage for Sony A7sII and A7rII

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11 thoughts on “Unboxing the Zeus Camera Cage for Sony A7SII and A7RII by Varavon

  1. Hi Emm, thanks for the epic unboxing. Can you share a link to that motorized servo and controller you used with the dolly so we can check that out? Great idea for product demos, thanks!

    Michael P

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Jay S - The Zeus cage is not heavy, but it would not work on a CAME=TV Single, nor would a remote follow focus work either.

  3. Hey, I just had a quick question regarding the weight of the Zeus cage...does it feel heavy? Light?
    Do you think the Came-TV single could handle the A7sii with the cage on it? Do you think you can add a remote follow focus to this as well?

    Love your stuff...you've started to help me to think outside the box. Great reviews and great recommendations.

  4. Joakim

    Can you tell me more about the technique used to shot the video? Looked very steady. I assume it's a stabilizer of some sort. Just curious.


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