Unboxing Opteka SteadyVid Pro Stabilizer

An unboxing video from YouTube member Michael19801234 of the latest Opteka SteadyVid Pro Video Stabilizer. The adjustable arch is a design used in some stabilizers to change the weight ratio - more or less bottom heavy. The lower the weight from the Gimbal, the more weight it should be able to support. Judging by the weights and distance, it should have no problems flying the 5lbs. it claims. Currently the Amazon product page has a special promotion for the free cleaning kit.

Opteka SteadyVid Pro
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21 thoughts on “Unboxing Opteka SteadyVid Pro Stabilizer

  1. mark fraunhofer

    I dripped a bit of teflon liquid on it, commonly used on bike chains and Billy Dee smooth seems more like an alligator purse now.

  2. TaylorKam

    We love our SteadyVid Pro, but have a question maybe you can answer. When we move the arm from the collapsed, storage position into the open position, it doesn't seem like we can get the arm to lock tightly. Any idea what we are doing wrong, or is that bit of free play normal in yours, also?

  3. JerryAlso

    @Emm --
    You've made it clear that the FlyCam Nano does everything needed, and at the lowest price. What keeps me listening to new entries on your site, is the hope of micro-adjustment knobs or equivalent for faster and easier re-balancing for say, lens changes, or merely starting the day. (I've no experience with any of these yet.) New offerings come and go here often without resolution, it can be hard to keep track.

  4. imgpro615

    i have a Steadicam JR, glidecam 2000 pro, and flycam 5000...this is cheaper than all of them and aside from the JR, probably far easier to adjust...the microadjustable topstage is what does it for me...that alone justifies the price for me...if nothing else, i could cross mod it as a standalone for my flycams...but i would give it a go as a stabiliser first...should do well with my 60D and Tamron 10-24...

    i must say, OPTEKA is really coming up in the ranks with their gear...CineCity is charging far too much anymore...but then again,i AM a broke ass enthusiast...

  5. I bought one and I also have experience with other stabilizers (Merlin, Glidecam etc.). I'll do a little review and compare them to the others as soon as I get it....

  6. David

    Amazon review:
    "I have the flycam nano and this steadyvid is much better, easier to balance, better build quality, larger handle and great shooting. Although the gimbal isn't completely friction free, maybe would be better with some lubrication,, you need to use the thumb holder to keep it straight around corners, but otherwise it performs great and like the micro adjustible sled design which makes it so much easier over the nano, which I will be selling that is being replaced by. Never used a merlin but id say its very close in the way its setup, but different sled, no quick folding ability, different style of gimbal, but definitely better dollar for dollar as this one is way more affordable. FYI, I'm flying a T2i, w/tokina 11-16m f2.8 and I used only two weights, could probably fly a little heavier no problem."

    That's all I needed to go ahead and buy it, the couple of comments on it I've managed to find mentioned being great quality for the price if a little awkwardness in control. Even if it isn't excellent in person, I'll definitely be able to use it to the extent of value for money. I will make up some sample footage if no one else has by the time I'm set up.

  7. 60D

    We need to see some reviews on this Opteka SteadyVid PRO Video Stabilizer. We would like to see how smooth the gimbal is while running and walking. Looking forward to buying this for my Canon 60D with 18-135mm lens.

  8. Aries

    Music is sampled/remake from Also Zach Zarathustra (I greatly prefer the original by Strauss used in 2001: A Space Odyssey).

    Thanks for the unboxing, especially the close-up shots so we can see the build quality. I would like to see someone test the upper and lower camera weight limits.

    I wonder if you could add some weight at the camera mount (maybe a Manfrotto quick release) and see if an HX9v would work with minimal counter-weight. But I would also like to use it with a 7D and Tokina 11-16. So cheap, I'll probably just grab one if the build-quality is decent.

  9. michael1980123

    This video is not a review. It is an unboxing/first look at the product. I shot myself in the mirror just to give a quick glimpse at the stabilizer in action. I would never promote sample footage without having properly become accustom to the product's design and performance. I have been working on a show 16hours/day since tuesday. I got the box and the video last night around 11pm. I did a quick balance and haven't touched it since.

  10. alksion

    Yeah it looks really light weight but can still hold out. Looking for a better review before I make the purchase.

  11. jhog

    for the love of god, why do people shoot themselves in the mirror with a steadicam for their steadicam demo videos???

    lets see some samples of walking, tracking, running, panning, etc.

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