Two L’s Make a Right – 2L Bracket Stabilizer


Customer image submitted to shows the use of two Adorama 'L' brackets spaced out to create a 'fig rig' style stabilizer. This simple solution would definitely work much like a common fig rig, while still allowing cold shoe attachments on each side for your LED lighting and Shotgun Microphone (as the above image displays).

Doesn't really show how the camera is mounted in between these two brackets, but a short piece of AL flat bar is all that i'm thinking this setup would need. The Aluminum flat bar can also be cut to widen the space between the handles for more stability, but going too wide might throw off the axis of your LED light and shotgun mic. The brackets used in the image above are the Adorama L Brackets, but there's also other notable L flash brackets available from other manufacturers.

6 thoughts on “Two L’s Make a Right – 2L Bracket Stabilizer

  1. Interesting you posted this. I accidently received an extra one of these brackets from Alzo when I ordered one of their small 750 LED lights (the latest 96 appears to be much better). One day I was just trying different setups with my T2i with these brackets and hit on this very same idea. Haven't really tested it in use in the field but it feels okay. The bottom bracket can slip around a bit, maybe needs a wedge between it and the camera to shore it up. The biggest downside is if you had to switch between tripod and this setup, since you have to remove one then the other. Of course I guess you could attach your tripod mount to the bottom bracket maybe.

  2. Jason

    I just would really like to see a solid picture of one of them hooked up to a t2i and battery grip.

    Im trying to keep my rig tight and compact..I fear these L brackets angle too far out..I liked how the flash bracket was nice and close to the camera body...but these look lighter and the hand grip is nice..hmm decisions decisions..

  3. Emm

    Post author

    I haven't seen either of these in person, and the Adorama one looks pretty good already, and the difference in price is minimal. We'll have to see who comments and if anyone has one already or I may try and get the sima one to test.

  4. Jason

    wow I think I'd rather get one of these than the rotating flash bracket from your A.S.S. rig...

    What do you think the best one for a t2i is? It'd just be for my rodemic..

  5. Fabdex

    I own one of those. The screw actually has a tripod hole on the other side so for double use, like in the picture of your article, you would screw one of the handles in the tripod hole of your cam and screw the second handle right in the tripod hole of the first handle.

    Pretty clever !

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