Tripod to Shoulder Support

Vimeo member Stanislav submitted this tip on holding a tripod for extra stability. I know this isn't the most advanced thing on this blog, but you'll be surprised how many people will find this useful. Let's not forget our budget film making roots. I've used this method myself a couple of times when in a pinch and any stabilizer is better than nothing. His video says Shoulder Rig, but it's more of a 'Shoulder Support'. Using the same 717AH fluid head, he's taking advantage of the lengthy pan handle as if it were a DSLR shooter. You might think this would be crazy heavy, but looks like he's purchased a set of the FT6826T Carbon Fiber Tripod legs, keeping things light.
[Thanks Stanislav]

eBay Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs - click for pricing

717AH Video Fluid Head - click for pricing

10 thoughts on “Tripod to Shoulder Support

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  2. This is a great idea, I've kind of embellished on the idea. I open the legs of the tripod and place one leg under my arm and hold one of the other legs with that hand. With smaller tripods I extended the middle point a bit and slid it down until it went against my shoulder (a la a gunstock). I then hold on to the extended middle part or the other tripod leg.

    Hopefully i haven't confused to many people because Im not sure how well this translated into text. Ill try to post a video of the setup soon.

  3. "Emm
    September 30th, 2010 at 10:23 am

    The 717AH has not been found to work with any other QR plates. Some people have added a QR plate on top of the 717AH, so they have compatible QR, and a cheap fluid head."

    ---Yes, I ordered 2 guitos plates and gonna use them in this way.One will by on my glidecam 2000 another one on the Fancier tripod. It will save a lot time.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    The 717AH has not been found to work with any other QR plates. Some people have added a QR plate on top of the 717AH, so they have compatible QR, and a cheap fluid head.

  5. Neil

    I have a question, wondering if anyone can help...

    I'm contemplating getting one of these WF717-AH heads but I can't find the specs on the quick release plate system anywhere. Are they standard?

    I have a rig that has the 501PL (standard with for Manfrottos 501, 502, 503 and 504HD). Will this head work?

    Also, anyone know where to pick-up a 75mm ball adaptor plate for cheap?

    Thanks in advance.

    With regards to the "stabilizer" in the video, I've used this method before. It's kinda like folding the tripod down and using it as a poor man's flycam - looks dumb but hey, whatever it takes to get the shot, right? 🙂

  6. John

    I learned this a while back and will agree that it works great especially with the 701....I also have the 190xprob and like the weight because it's more sturdy. It works great with the lcdvf too.

  7. Graeme

    That's actually a really simple idea. i like that and have given myself a facepalm as to why I'd not done that before

  8. Ho no, I was preparing a little something about usng your tripod as a shoulder support too. Tha russian guy was faster than me 🙂
    I use mine differently, opening the legs for better support. But basically, it's the same idea, using my 701 head my 190Xprob tripod (it's a little too heavy though)

  9. jason

    Ha! I've been doing this with a 701 head and a 3021 manfrotto tripod for awhile. The 3021 is great cuz you can pull out the center column from the legs and use it as the shoulder support. You just gotta spin the camera plate 180 and angle it a bit so you can look through the LCD view finder.

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