The Power Station – A Dual V-Lock Battery Charger and Portable Generator

If you've been filming for a while, there's a good chance you've collected quite a few cinema batteries to power your portable monitors, LED lights, cameras, etc. Staring at my huge collection of large cinema batteries, I've always wanted a simple way of accessing all that stored energy for other uses and so i'm happy to see the new CAME-TV Power Station is finally available. Check out the video which helps explain what it offers.

If you own, or often times if you plan to buy v-lock batteries a charging station is optional. So if you're going to need a battery charger, you may want to consider spending a little more for the Power Station. Aside from being able to charge two v-lock batteries, when not used as a charger, it can double as a portable power generator with an AC Inverter which runs off your v-lock batteries. If you happen to be at a location where AC power is not easily accessible, you can just plug directly into the CAME-TV Power station.

Perhaps you need to power a live stream setup in an outdoor location. With a Live Stream setup, you want to make sure you're not powering down in the middle of an event, so the nice feature is that you can 'hot swap' a low battery with a fresh one without powering down. You can plug in an ATEM, Monitor, audio mixer, cameras, or any combination of equipment up to 180 watts.

If you're deep in the woods and need to recharge your drone, or perhaps you're working on a same day edit in a remote location, you'll be able to power your laptop all day utilizing the capacity from your v-mount batteries. V-mount batteries alone are an investment, and so why not utilize your batteries for more applications to help your production. Check out the new Power Station at

Came-TV Power Station

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