Tekkeon Here and Gone and Back Again

Just received my other two batteries. Now I have a nice 3pc LED light kit on all battery power. These will work on either my 600s or 900 LED panels (Video Test Here). These batteries won't work on the 1200 LED Panels (found here) because those run on 24V.


Besides using these for the 600 / 900 LED light Panels, there are several people who use them to power up accessories on their DSLR rigs. I'm waiting for some special mounts from CPMCameraRigs.com. They design a snap package that mounts to standard 15mm rails. Coupled with a special secondary battery. You can check out some of the mounting options over at their website (click here).

CPMCameraRigs.com Tekkeon Battery Snap Packages

Literally just two days after posting about the Tekkeon back in stock, it was sold out and back on backorder status. Today I just checked (while writing this article) and it's back in stock again! These things are hot, and they'll be sold out again very quickly. Cheapest place i've found them is at B&H (click here).

find-price-button Tekkeon MyPower All Battery for 600 / 900 LED Panels

16 thoughts on “Tekkeon Here and Gone and Back Again

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  6. Ever tried out the Energizer XP18000?

    I'm considering getting one to power a Zoom H4n, an Eng-44 field mixer and possibly some Z96 leds. Still not sure if it supplies the right voltage and the right plugs.


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  8. => I'm actually thinking maybe I should get more than one, but I'll try it out first. I'm renting lots of lighting, and am still trying to decide (for purchasing) between those "Like Arri" tungstens, the Linco Floras, or go LED. Still not digging that the LEDs don't throw as much light as I'd like.

  9. Joel

    Really great post, Emm. I am ordering a pair of 900's in the next week or two ... this will be a great power supply.

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