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There's been some recent comments about off camera Flashes and the cheaper RF-602 or RF-603 wireless triggers. If you decide to go this route, remember that the trigger fits directly underneath the flash. Once you have this set up you can screw a light stand directly underneath the RF-602 receiver's 1/4-20 thread mount, but this means your flash can't be tilted and it doesn't provide a way to mount an umbrella.

If you want to be able to angle your flashes and mount an umbrella grab yourself an umbrella bracket for Speedlites and because the RF-602 or RF-603 receivers don't have a shoe lock, you'll need to look for umbrella brackets that have a built in shoe lock. Hopefully this will save you from buying the wrong ones. Check out the video below for more information on this. [Thanks Carl]

I'm using a few cheap umbrella holders that have locking shoes, and they start at about $4 dollars.
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find-price-button Yongnuo RF-603 Wireless Flash Triggers



After posting a video comparing the Zoom H1 to Tascam DR-08 seen here: https://cheesycam.com/tascam-dr-08-vs-zoom-h1-continued/, I got a few questions about the unusual bracket I had on the video. Even though i'm not done with the items for it, i'll answer those questions now. I received it in the mail working on a twin flash Macro rig for a friend. Considering twin flash Macro kits like the Canon MT-24EX Macro Twin Lite Ringlite Flash runs for almost $700 dollars, this is a cheaper way of getting a twin light setup.


Why not just use a Ring Light Adapter like the 'O Flash'? The O-Flash provides nice even lighting, but still has a somewhat flat look. Using a twin light setup, each light can be modified at different distances from the macro subject, different angles, and even separate power settings for a more dimensional look. The metal lower bracket i'm still trying to figure out, but looks like it's been cut similar to a quick release plate. Which one it will fit, i'm still not sure. The flexible arms are actually pretty beefy. They won't hold up a large Canon 580 EX II speedlite, but has enough strength to carry a low profile flash. In order to remotely fire these flashes, it will be setup with the cheap Yongnuo RF-602 wireless triggers. The ball mount + cold shoes can also be removed and you'll be left with a standard 1/4 x 20 threaded end on the flexible arm. This is how I was able to mount the Zoom H1 at the end of one.

Having the dual flash setup will also be interesting for use as an event rig. Should provide a wider area of flash without giving off the usual flat look. I'll have more information once this it built out a little bit more, but you can find this bracket here: Twin Flexible Arm Macro Flash Bracket



Yet another video where I try to cram as much gear tests into one quick take. Here i'm using the Zoom H1 recorder with Audio-Technica ATR3350 powered Lav mic talking about the Yongnuo RF-602 Flash Triggers. Hey, I might as well get it out of the way since I haven't said much about them after I received the Yongnuo's a few weeks ago.

The ATR3350 lav mic from Audio-Technica does perform very well for something that's only $20 dollars shipped. The Zoom H1 no doubt is an excellent audio recorder that can be thrown into a pocket and carried around by the speaker. The Zoom H1 levels were set to 60, which may not be the most optimal setting, but hopefully gives you an idea of it working in combination with the ATR3350 Lav. The Audio Technica Lav mic records in Mono, but if you're already a Rode Videomic user, that's nothing new. I duplicated the audio channels to both left and right, but as you can tell, it sounds very flat and quite differently than recording in real stereo like the X/Y mic config of the Zoom H1.

I wasn't too happy with the straight drop of mono audio in this video. There's no ambient sound, and almost sounds like a voice over. Well, that also means the LAV was working well by focusing on the speaker. I possibly could have done this video better with a shotgun microphone alone, but if we were in a very noisy environment where you need to be discreet like a wedding, the LAV mic may work best. It's possible to mix the audio from the Camera along with the LAV mic audio, but the IS motor on my 24-105mm lens comes in like a loud grinding noise. I probably should have used a shotgun microphone as a second microphone + Zoom H1 w/ ATR3350 Lav mic and mixed it all together to make things sound more natural.

Sorry guys, that was a real quick rough test before I had to head out to (currently in) Maui, Hawaii. I'm out here on vacation, but also to test some other gear where the scenery is much nicer.

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