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Gun Stock Video Rig

New Gun Stock shooter style Video Stabilizer rig. This stabilizer configuration uses just a few rods, clamps, single handle, camera stage, and gun stock (chest support) that are found on other popular shooters like the Zacuto Striker (seen here at B&H), or as in the Wondlan Stabilizer (seen here on eBay).

DSLR Video Rig Gun Stock Shooter

It's not exactly like the Wondlan Sniper as the Sniper does not come with a handle and runs for about $150 dollars. Maybe you can better compare the setup on this to the Polaroid Shooter Rig (seen here). This Gun Stock shooter can be broken down to fit in a small bag and runs for around $80 bucks (Click Here).

Gun Stock RigTarget Striker Shooter DSLR Video Gun Stock
find-price-button DSLR Video Stabilizer Rig Gun Stock


Video demo from Vimeo member claire showcases the Wondlan Sniper Rods, BasePlate, and Follow Focus. I still can't get over the color, and the price isn't very competitive with what's on the market currently. I just got news that the RJ Budget Follow Focus is getting a special baseplate mount. This means that the Follow Focus can be used without rails. We'll start seeing that pop up soon, unless someone already knows where to find it.

Wondlan Sniper Follow Focus
find-price-button Wondlan Sniper Follow Focus


Wondlan Support

Wondlan's showing off some type of 'wearable support' (shown above) that can be used to unload the weight from camera stabilizers like the Wondlan Ares (Merlin-like). Seems like the same idea Glidecam has with their Body-Pod.

Glidecam Body Pod
find-price-button Glidecam Body Pod for Hand-Held Stabilizer

But unlike Glidecam's Body Pod, Wondlan shows how it can be used to support a shoulder rigs as well. In that case, it sort of reminds me of the Tiffen (Davis & Sanford) Steady Stick.

Tiffen Steady Stick
find-price-button SSProSI2 Pro Steady Stick

IMO, the price is too high for something that doesn't come with a professional padded belt and strap. The images and descriptions aren't very clear either on how it all connects together. From this end it just looks like an adjustable stick on a belt.

Wondlan wearable SupportWondlan-Wearable-Support
find-price-button Wondlan Wearable Support