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Canon released a firmware update for the 5D Mark II and then pulled it off from the website because of some problems. Yeah scary stuff if it bricks your camera.
Canon fixed the problem and released a new firmware 2.0.4. I've been hesitating for a long time, because if I needed 24p I would shoot with the 7D or the 550D / T2i. If my 5D ain't broke why fix it??

Lately though, for some reason, people love to shoot with the 5DM2 and even pay to rent them. It seems that the gigs i'm being hired to do require me to update the camera for at least correcting the 30fps to a true 29.97. Since people are still considering buying the Canon 5D Mark II, maybe even some buying it used, I thought I would share the update experience. So here's my Canon EOS 5D Mark II firmware update 2.0.4 adventure. Firmware can be downloaded from Canon's website here.