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Planning on shooting some off camera flash photos? Here's a decent kit to diffuse that lighting for portraits or product photography. If you hate setting up and breaking down softboxes (like I do), then these umbrella/softbox hybrid light modifiers work great. Often referred to as Brolly Boxes, the shoot through diffusers pack up small, set up quick, and provide nice soft even lighting on your subject. Yes, you could do the same shooting through a normal umbrella, but if you don't block the light being reflected backwards, you'll get quite a different look than how softboxes perform. Two Brolly Boxes, two Stands, two Flash Brackets, and a bag completes the kit.

Brolly Box Kits
find-price-button Umbrella Softbox Brolly Box Light Stand Kit

The most common question for anyone getting into studio strobe photography has always been "What's the difference between using an Umbrella vs. a Softbox for portraits?". It's always been hard to explain to someone not familiar with lighting. I decided to poke around YouTube looking for someone who might better explain this. It's not the greatest, but I think it will get you on the right path of choosing which lighting diffusers will work best for the image you plan on taking.

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