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Joe asks 'What cheap case can be used for small equipment?". If we're not talking about fragile equipment, I know a few people using these Plano 4 Pistol Foam Lined Cases. These aren't your waterproof air tight 'Pelican-Like' cases, but they still offer a fair amount of protection. With an internal dimension of 16" x 10" x 6", these pistol cases are large enough to hold monitors, portable audio recorders, microphone systems, battery chargers, and more.

Typically these run between $25-35 dollars, but it's currently on sale today for under $12 dollars. Jump over to the page and you'll find other customers sharing images on how they use it with their camera gear (found here).

Plano 4 pistol case foam lined camera caseplano microphone case foam pistol 4 2
find-price-button Plano 16" W X 10" H X 6" Deep Molded Case with Foam Liner

For smaller equipment that I feel can take a few bumps, clear Organizing Tackle Boxes work great. The clear boxes take the guess work out of finding gear, all without having to open the box. You can organize and label areas such as 'new' or 'used' for batteries.

Example of how I use these cases

The trick is finding a good set, and the ones I use are also from Plano. Not just durable, but 3" deep to hold fairly thick camera accessories such as LP-E6 Batteries. Overall storage dimensions are 10.5" W X 7"H X 3" Deep, and these run under $7 dollars (found here).

Plano Organizing BoxPlano Stowaway
find-price-button Plano 10.5" W X 7"H X 3" Deep Storage Box w Dividers


As many of you know I recently traveled over to Maui for some fun in the sun. I did take quite a bit of Photography and Videography equipment along with me, and I knew I needed to stay organized. Since many of these items had to be checked in with my luggage, I wanted to make sure my equipment was protected and organized. My solution required a trip to the local Walmart into the Fishing section. There I found a variety of Tackle / Lure organizers that worked perfectly for all my Eneloop batteries, Camera Batteries, Battery Chargers, Compact Flash Cards, Black Rapids Camera Straps, Radio Poppers, iPhone / iPad Charger, USB cables, USB drives, LCDVF, Shutter Remotes, Canon ST-E2, Rode Video Mic, Zoom H4n, Dead Cat Wind Screen, laptop power adapter, all my mounting hardware, lens cleaning solution, micro fiber cloths, and even had room for an extra Power Surge strip. You can see in the background I packed 4 Canon Chargers and 4 Sanyo Eneloop chargers into one box. There was a ton of things that packed nicely and neatly with these boxes that ran from $2.00 - $5.00 dollars.

I even found use with a Dry Eraser Marker by marking the inside of the cases, I could easily mark if my Compact flash cards are used or unused, or if my Batteries were charged or uncharged. Much cheaper than buying anything off the shelf from a camera store and keeps my small pieces well organized. I might start using a small Labeling machine to make sure things end up back where they started. If you found this helpful, holla back in the Comments section.