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Well, that was quick. Sony had a few days to shine with the new SLT-A99 as being the lightest and cheapest Full Frame sensor DSLR on the market, but now Nikon has officially announced the much leaked D600. The A99 weighs in just under 1.8 lbs, while the new Nikon D600 weighs in just under 1.7 lbs. Canon where you at?

So far some might say it's a mini D800 that will even offer DSLR Video shooters Uncompressed HDMI Video Output, and expected to be $700-800 dollars cheaper than the new Sony SLT-A99. Check out more about the new Nikon D600 via B&H (Click Here)

Nikon-D600_24_85_frontNikon D600Nikon D600
find-price-button Nikon D600 Full Frame Camera Compact Size