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The Sony NEX-5n is a very popular camera, and now Sony has followed up with the NEX-5R. I tried the NEX-5n, but didn't like the lack of buttons and dials, so I instead settled with the Sony NEX-7. Now the NEX-5R has borrowed some of the feature sets from the higher end Sony NEX-7 which is good, but probably the most interesting new feature is the ability to download apps to enhance the NEX-5R. One application example mentioned in the video was Remote Live view and remote control through your smart phone. Pre-orders opened up today in a variety of kits and colors via B&H (Click Here).

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The folding Fancier Mini Rig with quick release, shoulder pad, and counterweight I reviewed not long ago (found here) is now available to the UK following the link below. Best offers for £110 UK Pounds for anyone who mentions Cheesycam will be accepted and delivered free to UK.

Screen shot 2011-09-23 at 9.11.21 AM
find-price-button Fancier FTV-50 Folding Mini DSLR Rig UK Seller

For USA buyers, you can still find the Fancier mini rig via Amazon (click here).

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Sony NEX-5n available
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Sony's latest NEX-5n has been getting quite a bit of press lately. It never seems to have hit the shelves over at B&H yet, but it's been in and out of stock over at Amazon. Today both versions with and without lens is available in limited quantities (click here).

A nice camera indeed with full 1080/60fps and excellent low light capabilities, but I feel some people are saving up a few hundred extra dollars for the NEX7 or A77.