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Just to start things off, while i'm showing video with the new Sony A7R3 I'm not here to say it's the best video camera on the market. It's nice, but for the price I still think there's better video cameras you can invest in. The A7R3 is not really meant to be a 'dedicated' video camera anyhow. It's got a massive 42 MegaPixel sensor that serves best as a stills camera.

Sony A7R3 camera
Sony Alpha a7R III Mirrorless Digital Camera

From what I can tell, the downscale of the huge megapixels to 1080 HD video is when things start to get soft(er) on the A7R3. Cameras like the popular Sony A7SII for instance only have a 12MP sensor (almost 4x less). A camera like the Panasonic GH5 which can do 4K/60fps has about 20MP. I think you get the point.

Ok, so back to the video sample that was shot with the Sony A7R3 and Sony G-Series 12-24mm lens UWA. It's quite extreme for video and probably not something for high end clients that want things to look 'cinematic', but it's darn fun to watch on a stabilizer.

If you plan to use this lens (say with a Sony A7SII), then you'll need a decent sized gimbal. I'm showing it on the CAME-TV Prophet which is their largest single hand gimbal, but even something like the new Zhiyun Crane 2 (not v2) should work just as well. You just want to make sure you have enough space in a gimbal frame so that it doesn't collide against the roll motor when tilting. The 12-24mm is a nice lens as you can zoom to 24mm to have a normal perspective yet the physical dimensions don't change unlike other zoom lenses.

CAME-TV Prophet Gimbal

Zhiyun Crane 2 Gimbal

If you're looking for something slightly cheaper, Sigma also makes a 12-24mm lens for Sony (found here). But if you don't need the zoom and are only after the extreme wide angle, the Laowa 12mm for Sony (found here) seems to have good reviews as well.

Sony 12-24mm Ultra Wide Angle Lens FE Mount


When I first moved from Canon DSLRs to Sony Mirrorless cameras, I often adapted my Canon lenses using a metabones adapter. Mainly because back then the seelction of good E-Mount 'Full Frame' lenses were small. But over time Sony continues to expand their line of full frame e-mount lenses and with Sony's excellent auto focus system, you just can't beat working with native lenses. One of my favorite lenses is the 16-35mm but at F/4 it wasn't the greatest. Now Sony has just announced a new 16-35mm F/2.8 GM (G Master) version and this is definitely a lens to add to your kit if you're working with Sony E-Mount full frame cameras like the A7s / A7sII. Just in case you want something event wider for e-mount Full Frame, they've also dropped a new 12-24mm. Check out both of Sony's new lenses (here).

new sony 16-35 12-24
Learn-More-sm Sony 16-35mm F/2.8 GM and 12-24mm F/4 Lenses