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Another available discount for a high quality starter DSLR Rig. Express35 is offering the Shoulder Rig - LITE setup that includes the Tripod Mount (ready to sit on your fluid heads), Camera Mount, Dual Rails, a clamp to offset (position the camera more in front of your face), shoulder pad (with another rail to adjust fore/aft), and a single long HD handle.

There's a number of 1/4x20 accessory ports to adapt your accessories or friction arms. Designed to easily move between tripod shooting and going mobile and when it's time to pack up, the unit breaks down into small parts. The dual rails is ready to accept your 15mm accessories such as a follow focus. Find more information for the Shoulder Rig - LITE following the link (click here).

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For anyone who's ever asked me about a good inexpensive starter DSLR rig taken right off the shelf and ready-to-go, I would have to say my first response was 'Express35.com'. Today news dropped in about Express35's new DSLR Shoulder Rig Lite. Ideal for small camera setups like the Canon T2i, Panasonic GH1, GH2 + follow focus. It's a simple combination of important features with high quality parts that make this an excellent rig for light weight camera work. Of course this is also a good starter foundation for later upgrading and adding additional parts - should your gear list grow. Earlier Lite Rig versions from Express35 did not include the more expensive HD Handles (which i'm a big fan of) but is now available in this setup. Check it out here: https://express35.com/category/rigs/.