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Maybe not a full Audio Technica AT875 Short Shotgun review, but more of a quick look at what to expect if you happened to grab one. I'm still building up the audio part of the JuicedLink DT454 and decided upon this short shotgun after many referrals. This AT875 shotgun microphone isn't as simple as connecting it directly to the DSLR camera, for something that simple you'll need the Rode VideoMic. The Rode VideoMic is self powered through a 9Volt battery and uses a small 3.5mm connector that goes to your cameras mic input (if available).

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You've probably heard through the grapevine that DSLR's don't provide the best audio and most are limited by the camera's built in AGC. I wanted to have a little bit more control over the audio part of shooting video, while trying to save time in post audio sync, so here's where i'm at so far. This shotgun microphone requires 12V phantom power over an XLR cable. For my setup i'll be using it mainly with the JuicedLink DT454 that supplies the phantom power, and that box will further step it down into a 3.5mm direct to the DSLR. It's also nice that this JuicedLink allows for headphone monitoring of the audio. The DT454 also can accept 2 XLR inputs, so if I need to go with a LAV, Handheld Microphone, or Wireless setup, it's all possible with this expansion box. I could use the Zoom H4n, but with the DT454, I won't have to do any post audio sync work.

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The AT875 comes with just the short shotgun, foam windscreen, and a padded leather bag. You'll need an XLR cable to get things moving so here's a great package that comes with an XLR and a hotshoe shockmount: Audio-Technica AT875 Short Condenser Shotgun Microphone Kit

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This particular shock mount that I received with the package is quite nice. It definitely doesn't bounce around as much as the Rode VM. With this microphone, it's also nice to have the option to use a shock mount or not. Something you won't get with the Rode since the shock mount is all part of the assembly. I'll try and get the audio part setup soon to run some tests, but i'm not too worried. This should be a solid audio solution for the price and definitely better than from the camera microphone.

If you're wondering about those Power Arms, you can find those here: https://cheesycam.com/flexible-friction-power-arms-for-dslr-accessories/