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It seem like every time I post a video stabilizer review, I often receive the same question - 'How can you adjust focus?'. Typically i'll just answer this question by replying with a text comment, but i'm sure it's still not very clear. Hopefully this article can help visualize a few ways focus can be achieved when a camera is balanced on a stabilizer, thrown on a video crane, or other device where adjusting the lens would be cumbersome or impossible.

One option to adjust focus (without physically touching the lens) can be by use of an electronic follow focus system. In the video below, Vimeo member Nicholas D shares how he's setup his camera on a SteddiePod Stabilizer with a Cinematics USB follow focus [Thanks Nick]. The USB systems will be limited, as they will only work with certain cameras (mostly Canon) and only with compatible auto focus lenses - not manual lenses.

Barber Tech SteddiePod
Barber Tech SteddiePod
Cinematics USB Follow Focus
Cinematics USB Follow Focus

An alternative could be to use dedicated Wired or Wireless electronic follow focus systems attached to the outside lens gear. The benefits to these systems is that they can be used with pretty much any lens that supports manual focus. The throw can be remapped for shorter or longer focus movements at the dial, and higher end systems allow to you store focus points. The full wireless systems are helpful when you need another person to manage focus so that the camera operator can move about freely.

If you plan to work with a Wireless Follow Focus, Camera Motion Research has announced the new Radian Pro kits that will send a Wireless HD Video stream via HDMI to a remote monitor. There are ways to achieve this through a DIY solution, but the Radian Pro claims to use a more commercial version transmitter / receiver that can transmit through a broader range of channels for longer distance, low latency, and clearer image. The Radian Pro is available in both a Unicast or MultiCast version (multiple video streams).

For myself, I may not use a WFF for every project, but I do use Wireless Video when operating on longer cranes/jibs or even just to share a feed for others to view (so they aren't hanging over your shoulder). Add a remote Pan/Tilt head to this combination, and you'll be able to man a camera from a distance away while focusing and zooming. Great when you have to leave a camera somewhere you can't be seen like on stage, or perhaps even at a church during a wedding, or in the middle of a racetrack.

Sorry for the lack of great examples, but hopefully this article is somewhat helpful and gives you ideas of what you can do with such tools. Remember that these are not limited to just these types of Stabilizers (a.k.a Steadicam). These are the same tools that can be used on those amazing Brushless Motor Camera Gimbal Stabilizers everyone has been recently obsessed about.

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I recently received two packages to test out from Senna a video equipment company based out of Croatia (website found here). One case includes their 'All Recall Focus' which is a Wireless Follow Focus system, and the second case carries their 'Five Second Head' which is a Motorized Pan / Tilt Head. Take a look at the demo video below showcasing these products at work.

The All Recall Wireless Follow Focus System has programmable functions to store and return to specific focus points very quickly. You can control the ramp speed in which it changes from one focus point to the next if you want a slower more dramatic focus pull. I've tried a few different Wireless Follow Focus systems, and in the past i've had mixed results to the point where I don't use them. So far, this system has been pretty reliable right out of the box. I've been able to test the recall function repeatedly and the servos have so far been extremely accurate switching back to the stored focus points with a simple touch a button.

Senna All Recall Wireless Follow Focus on BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera

During initial setup, you can calibrate the focus range of your lens. The single hand held controller has the ability to operate two servos (zoom and focus) if you're operating a zoom lens remotely. The Transmitter and Receiver operate with built in rechargeable Lithium ion batteries or can be powered through an external battery pack or AC wall adapter. One neat feature is the ability to enable Night Mode which allows you to see an illuminated marking disc when your focus puller is working in dim lighting - not to mention it also looks pretty cool.


The Five Second Head (i'm guessing carries it's name from it's fast installation time) is a motorized Pan Tilt head that can be controlled through a tethered remote, or optional wireless remote. I'm a big fan of the unique movements you can create with Motorized Pan / Tilt heads. The Five Second Head also has the ability to store repeatable positions. Apparently this head can also be used for TimeLapse which I still have not figured out yet, but i'm assuming it will require some additional equipment.

The instructions were very clear to get each of these products setup, and so far i've had to hiccups. I'm hoping to put these products through more testing with some of our future projects. Hopefully I will also work on an introduction to setting up each of the equipment and what's included in the box. Senna has a number of products available from various website retailers, but more information about their products can also be found at https:/www.senna.hr

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