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Lately i'm hearing about many videographers investing in LED lighting especially to add a bit more light during dimly lit wedding receptions. Wedding Photographers are probably quite familiar with CheetahStand Light Stands, but young video shooters may not be as aware.

To understand why these light stands are so special check out the old video below from the CheetahStand company, and another product overview from YouTube member Shuttertastic.

In a crowded event where you need to setup a light (or two) and quickly move around, you can see how beneficial these stands could be. If your work does not require you to setup and move light stands very often, it's probably not worth investing in as the prices start close to $90 each for the C8 (8ft) version. You can find CheetahStand light stands sold via Adorama (found here).

Adorama Cheetah Light Stands
CheetahStand C8 & C12 Light Stands via Adorama