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The Sony RX100 produces great video quality, and performs well in low lit situations, so I was recommending this camera to a Real Estate agent looking to perform low budget YouTube Virtual Tours. Unfortunately, it's widest focal length is approximately 28mm (not the greatest). I got to thinking, and decided to test out the new Carry Speed MagFilter Threaded Ring Adapter. The MagFilter Adapter will allow you to attach your own filters to point and shoot cameras, and here I'm using the RX100 with a cheap 52mm Wide Angle Lens Adapter.

Wide Angle Lens MagFilter Carry Speed RX100
find-price-button Neewer 0.45x 52mm Wide Angle Lens with Macro

To make walk throughs even more stable, I balanced with the Skyler Minicam.

Sony RX100 + Wide Angle Lens + MagFilter Threaded Adapter on Skyler MiniCam Stabilizer