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So first thing in the larger bag is my YongNuo Wireless Trigger / Remote set. I talked about them in this article: http://cheesycam.com/never-ending-upgrades-wireless-shutter-flash-remotes/. As you know i've been building up a studio and these versatile triggers can wear many different hats around the equipment i'm using. First off, I can now use my Canon 580 EX II's through the hotshoe these remotes provide, or trigger my studio strobes through a PC sync cord these offer, and if I really needed to, trigger my camera shutter. OK that's a bit overkill to remotely trigger my camera in studio, but I really was just looking to replace some old Pocket Wizards since these will allow me to expand to more triggers at very minimal cost. For times when I don't want to travel with my ST-E2 or Radio Popper PX's, these will work great. I'll do some closeup detailed photos possibly tonight or this weekend and explain why I currently use so many different trigger sets.




find-price-button Yongnuo RF-602 Wireless Triggers for Studio, Speedlight, and Camera


Posted this a while ago, but thought i'd share it on the blog. There are many ways to fire your Flash off camera when doing photography. You get much better lighting and shadow details when you can control your light source. The video above provides some information about a popular cheap set of Wireless Triggers you can find on eBay. These are the exact same Triggers shown in this video. I purchased the 3 receivers and 1 Trigger package.

Cheap eBay Wireless Flash Triggers
cheap wireless flash trigger

The video above is an awesome example of what you can do with your DSLR and Timelapse photography. Timelapse photography is where you can set your camera to take a photo every so many seconds, or sometimes even minutes. Next just drag all the photos into a video Timeline and export as a video clip. In Sony Vegas, I often run each photo at 0.065 seconds on a 29.97 Timeline. In order to achieve timelapse function with your DSLR you will need a ‘timer’ or ‘intervalometer’. It's rare to find cameras that have built in Timelapse, and if they do, it might not be as flexible as having an exteral Intervalometer. Here's a great option that less than half the price of OEM if you're a Canon user.