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I just received my Octagon softboxes that are used as a light modifier for flash photography. They set up super fast like umbrellas but function more like traditional softboxes. I'll do a video later about how easy these things go together with my Speedlights.

500 LED Video light - Pop up Softbox

Normally you would use a strobe in the brolly, but the slotted design can be used for other light sources. Gabriel is already experimenting with using a 500 LED video light panel inside (photo above). He had to add a clamp to hold the umbrella in place. It blocks a bit of space, but should still help to change it from a small light source to a larger softer light source. Could even help with the multi-shadow issue that LED lights can sometimes cause. I'm curious to see the results. [Thanks Gabriel].

They also come in a large square version that still pops open like an umbrella. You can find more information about these following the link to the original article (click here).

Screen shot 2011-10-23 at 8.42.18 PMflash softbox
find-price-button Octagon Umbrella Softbox for Portable Studio Flash