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In the last year Quadcopters have really exploded and have become incredibly affordable. I really enjoy taking my quadcopters out any chance I get, but there are too many instances where it's just not possible to use for an "aerial-style" perspective. Even if they can finally set down some proper rules and regulations to the use of 'drones', there will still be many situations where it would be impossible, illegal, or irresponsible to fly.

GoPro on 10 ft Painter Pole - Hiking around Monterey Bay, CA grabbing Aerial Images

Prior to flying a camera, I've been experimenting with P.A.P. [example photo above] - Pole Aerial Photography (a.k.a Aerial Mast, Elevated Aerial, or Telescoping Mast Photography), and i've recently even shared an article about a sturdy 12 foot Budget Tripod I can use for video. For those of you who love adding "aerial-style" perspectives to your projects, then you really should take a look at this new 28 Foot tall Carbon Fiber MegaMast.

I'm sorry I didn't grab any still images as an example, but I plan on doing so this week. I have a couple of Real Estate projects that i've been dying to add aerial images to (and was unable to fly a noisy copter). When I get some of those images, i'll update this article, but for the time being you can see just how high this massive beast climbs to.

While the MegaMast can be positioned up to 28 Feet, you don't have to use it at full height. The MegaMast can still add unique camera angles at 10 feet or even at just 15 feet. The extension on the legs are a clever design to not only add more width to the base, but can also be individually adjusted for uneven ground (like when used on a sloping driveway).

The MegaMast weighs around 16lbs, and collapses to just 69" inches, so it's certainly manageable for one person to travel with and setup. For additional stability, the MegaMast will have an option for some type of guy-wire cabling, which is not available at the moment. To find our more about the MegaMast, check out the website at Seaport Digital (click here).

Product Description
* Give your real estate photos a lofty advantage in the competitive housing market.
* Reach above the crowds at events like concerts and graduations.
* The MegaMast will give your camera an "aerial" perspective from 27.5" (8.4m) in the air without the need to fly expensive drones. The risers are made of sturdy carbon fiber tubes with large latches to make setup quick.
*A rigging system is available separately to keep the stand steady in windy conditions.
> Made of sturdy, light-weight carbon fiber tubes.
> 27.5' (8.4m) tall for "aerial-style" perspectives.
> Easy latches make setup quick.
> Supports up to Full-frame DSLRs.

cheesycam pole megamast aerial photographyaerial pole photography megamast
find-price-button MEGAMAST 28' CAMERA STAND

Quick Tip:
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