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Lilliput 2013 LCD HDMI Monitor 663

Jonas writes in and shares the latest Lilliput 663 HDMI Monitor with IPS Screen [Thanks Jonas]. The new IPS screen sports a 1280x800 HD display (cheaper monitors only display 800x480 max), has better viewing angles, and also claims to be almost twice as bright as current competing (sub $300) lcd models. The new Lilliput HDMI Monitor sports an IPS LCD Screen which falls in line with their Flagship 9.7" HDMI Monitor design (seen here) but the 663 now comes in a more professional aluminum housing.

663 HDMI IPS LCD DSLR Video Lilliput

The 663 seems to be offered in a few different versions. A basic model is simply a high resolution display, while stepping up a few dollars offers popular features of false color, focus peaking, zebra exposure, histogram overlays, etc. Some versions offer HDMI in only and more expensive options include HDMI in/out for pass through and also HD-SDI input connections for cameras like the BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera. Available in a 7" version right now (no 5"), and you can find more about the Lilliput 663 HDMI monitors via eBay (click here).

Lilliput 663 IPS LCDLilliput LCD HDMI
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