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NAB 2014 Drew with Alzo Video talks about the upcoming additions to their popular High Intensity LED Video Lights. These lights are not using multiple standard plastic lensed diodes common with most flat panels adding additional benefits with this design.

The High Intensity LED can provide a true spot or flood with the optional fresnel lens and can be flagged using barn doors without multi-shadow issues. If you're a photographer who has worked with strobes, you'll notice the strobe-like design make this compatible with hundreds of light modifiers already available from softboxes, grids, snoots, strip boxes, dishes, and more.

Currently the Alzo 3000 (100 watt) High Intensity LED Video Light version is already available (found here), but in the near future they plan to offer a 50 watt, 200 watt, and 300 watt model. The 3300 model will be a very bright light, and may be better suited for a studio or to be hung from a ceiling. More information about these products can be found at https://AlzoVideo.com (here)

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In the middle of setting up lights, I thought I would share this little tip how to modify the beam angle on a basic on-camera LED light. Creating a spot light is handy when you really want to narrow the light beam for a rim light or hair light on a subject. So here's an inexpensive way to change your small off camera LED into a more focused spot light using SpeedLight Gids (found here).

Varying thickness and density of the different honeycomb grids control the spread and feathering of the spotlight. These grids can be attached by simple velcro to any small LED light, and can be an effective way to control spill when working with colored gels so you can get creative with your accent lighting. These grids can often be found for around $5 dollars and up via eBay (click here).

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Jesse writes in and shares some new LED Video lights in the form of Fresnels [Thanks Jesse]. One unit looks to be using the 'As Arri' style housing. To be more accurate, one of these units do not provide an actual fresnel lens, so it would be considered more of an LED spotlight. Both units stuff a 100w High Power LED inside that should offer an equivalent power output of a 300w tungsten bulb.

LED Video Light Fresnel SpotlightLED Fresnel Lighting
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The other more expensive unit appears to offer the fresnel style cut glass to focus the beam. I think it's still too early to invest in such lighting, but hopefully in the coming year we'll see more of these lights being offered bringing prices down and quality up. You can already find some of these LED Fresnels available via eBay (Click Here).

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