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The above video is from Justin Salman shot with a Canon EOS 550D / T2i + Canon 50mm F/1.8

Not long ago shooting video with a consumer camera in low light would be a waste of time. The footage would be pretty much unusable unless you went for a more higher end $2,000.00 + pro-sumer camera with 3CCD. Once you start getting into these larger video cameras, it's probably something you won't be able to bring into most casual public venues. DSLR's are quickly changing that mindset, shooting great quality HD video under low light environments and yet coming at way under pro-sumer prices. The Canon EOS 550D / T2i is one of those cameras changing the world of video as we know it. Sure the Canon 5D Mark II was the first and recognized as the 'Game Changer' for video producers, but I strongly believe that the 550D / T2i is going to be part of a bigger wave this year.

Justin has only been a registered member of the Vimeo video community for about a month. I found Justin talking about the use of the Cheesycam Bodypod, so I thought i'd share his video. Thanks Justin for allowing me to post your video and share with others the great quality the Canon 550D / T2i can provide.