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From Vimeo member Freddy Cordova, a look at Jag35's latest product - a video camera slider. A roller bearing block rides on two rails, requires two stands for elevated use, and optional leveling legs for ground use. Options for length are 2' and 3'. You can check out pricing over at the Jag35.com website.

Jag35 has excellent quality and aesthetics in their products, but so far the price is on the high side, and still only has about the same functionality as the JuicedLink DIY Slider (here). The JuicedLink is cheaper because it does not come with any rods, but opens up the option for you to choose what type and length you need. Of course the Jag35 has the overall better finish. I know they were working on a motorized version a few months ago, so we'll see how where it goes from here.

Jag35 SliderJag35 Sliders
find-price-button Jag35 Video Slider 2' and 3' Optional Leveling Legs