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Here's a product overview of an affordable 10 bit monitor from OSEE that's part of a lot of conversations lately. OSEE is a leading manufacturer of professional broadcast equipment in China since its foundation in 2001, and is just starting to offer their products here in the USA. The OSEE LCM156 is a 15.6" has been a favorite tool of mine lately when working on projects where it can be beneficial to share the feed from your cameras.

Another added benefit not always found in monitors at this price is the ability to add a LUT to the LCM156. By displaying a LUT on your monitor, your clients can see the display with what your footage would normally look like once you've colored it - even though your camera is shooting in a flat LOG (c-log, s-slog, v-log, BMD Film, etc) profile. The OSEE LCM156 is not only great to work with on set for monitoring, but every display from OSEE is carefully color calibrated, which is also great for Colorists and Editors looking for a nice 10 bit system.

Having a display like the 15.6" OSEE LCM1546 is also very handy when you're working with a small crew or even by yourself. I often turn the monitor around so that I can see exactly what the camera sees while adjusting lighting or making sure boom poles and light stands aren't in the shot. Without a decent sized monitor, you would have to walk back to the camera to check every little change you make which adds up to a lot of time walking back and forth.

You can get more information about OSEE monitors by visiting their website at https://OSEEDirect.com, but at the time of this article you can get a very nice discount by using on of our Exclusive Deals Coupon Codes.

osee lcm156 monitor lcm156 ips 15 inch monitor affordable 10 bit

OSEE LCM156 Description
The LCM156 15.6" Full HD Display is an economical solution for Film and Broadcast applications with an impressive and powerful feature set. With true 10 bit (1.07 billion colors) color depth an RGB Backlit screen and advanced IP engine exceed the performance and quality of many competing products at a price meant to make this model available to every user. Producers, Directors, Editors, Colorists, Lighting Directors, and DPs will discover the LCM156 to be a production tool that provides true reproduction of their artistic efforts by effortlessly adding a 3D LUT.

Broadcasters, OB Vans, and Staging Companies will find the LCM156 to exceed their expectations in a rack mount monitor that can significantly reduce their budget while enhancing the confidence of their production efforts.

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There are times when you need to send video back to a monitor or switch, but because most DSLR and Mirrorless cameras only offer HDMI out, you are limited to how far you can position the camera. To exceed the limits of HDMI, this HDMI to SDI Converter will allow you to use SDI cables for longer distances.

Wireless kits with HDMI input, like the Radian Pro Kit from Camera Motion Research allow a camera operator to move freely, but they will still have limitations and can be prone to drop outs if the feed has to be sent through walls, the receiver is too far, or if there is interference. Running an SDI cable with the Wireless HDMI Receiver attached at the end can help you minimize the distance your between your wireless system while still having the entire camera system over 100 feet away.

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So if you're looking for a way to get your cameras moved further from where you need to send your feed, these HDMI to SDI (not SDI to HDMI) converters are probably the cheapest you can find. It does require power, or in my case, i'm using an adjustable voltage Tekkeon battery pack. I've also tested this converter with a BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, and it works if you're looking to send a long video feed from that camera. Check it out via Amazon (click here).

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If you need a cheap SDI to HDMI converter, like when adding an inexpensive EVF to a BlackMagic Cinema Camera, here's the one shown in the video.

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If you can afford to spend more on a product that converts an HDMI signal to SDI, can be powered for 11+ hours through a Sony NP-series battery, and also adds conversion, check out the more expensive Atomos H2S Converter (here).

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