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The new GoPro HERO3 cameras are a world apart as far as performance features from the previous HERO2 cameras, but all of the new bells and whistles caused a few reliability issues. I (like many others) have often experienced issues of the HERO3 Black Edition freezing up to where I need to pull the battery out to reset the camera. This wasn't a big deal for me especially when on dry land, but while out in the ocean snorkeling, there's no easy way to pull your camera out of the housing without getting the camera soaked.

GoPro Hero 3 Update

If you haven't caught the news, there's a GoPro HERO3 Software update that not only claims to improve 'reliability' of the camera, but also enhance the performance. If any of you get the chance to field test this new firmware let me know what the results are. I'm hoping to hear that this new firmware update will resolve those 'freezing up' issues. Head on out to the GoPro website for the firmware following the link (HERE).

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