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Steadicam has a smoothee, Cinevate once showed something for an iPhone about a year ago, Lensse has an iPhone version as well, but can be adapted to the GoPro. Somehow every company is finding a way to market tiny stabilizers for iPhones, Flip Cameras, and all types of point and shoots.

Olivia gets a demo from Tom McKay - President of Varizoom showing a regular FlowPod, as well as their new lightweight version. Now in the end of the video he throws out pricing, but when I was at NAB, I want to say that the smaller version was only around $150 dollars. That means it would be a bit cheaper than Steadicam's Smoothee as well as being a lot more functional.

I'll have to contact Varizoom to find out if the pricing he mentions was for the larger version that supports the GH2, because anything over $150 bucks seems a bit pricey. BTW, if you've followed Olivia's Vimeo profile she finally has her cast (broken wrist) taken off. Hilarious stuff... This was also a highlight from Episode 4 from her Myx-Rated Television show which is shot almost completely on Canon DSLR's.


find-price-button Rode VideoMic Pro Compact Shotgun Microphone

Not long ago Rode announced a new VideoMic Pro and now it's available. Didn't I just grab a new Microphone Windscreen over my VideoMic? This does not appear to be a replacement for the already popular VideoMic, but a new microphone altogether. Smaller form factor, better shock mounting, external switches, and a new +20db setting. Price obviously is more than the non-Pro VideoMic, but the new shock mount and smaller form factor already has me sold. Unlike the large VideoMic, this new VideoMic 'Pro' won't look as awkward when mounting on the smaller GH2 camera.

More Rode VideoMic Specs can be found here: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/744768-REG/Rode_VIDEOMIC_PRO_VideoMic_Pro_Compact_Shotgun.html

find-price-button Varizoom CrossFire Video Camera Stabilizers

If you've been hiding under a rock, you might have missed all the ads for Varizoom's Crossfire stabilizer. Seems like they are really pushing this product towards DSLR shooters. It's a hand held video stabilizer that combines a tripod as the lower weight. When you're not running around, you've got a tripod ready to go. This is another product similar to their stabilizer/monopod a.k.a 'FlowPod'. How well does it work? I don't know, but it's set at a price where i'm not willing to find out. So unless you really need a set of sticks under your stabilizer, you can find it here: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/750674-REG/VariZoom_VZ_CROSSFIRE_CrossFire_FP_Stabilizer.html

find-price-button Vello Battery grips for Canon and Nikon

If you're in the market for a Battery grip but don't want to pay the OEM prices, you might be shopping for aftermarket. If you're a bit hesitant on choosing after market battery grips coming from overseas then maybe the new Vello line of grips might be up your alley. Available for both Canon and Nikon in select models, shipped from the big retailer B&H Photo Video should you run into any issues. Found here: Vello Battery Grips


Cheap New DSLR Rig from Tony Carretti on Vimeo.

We've been donated many photos and ideas on the 'Dual L Bracket DIY Fig Rig stabilizer', but I believe Tony Carretti here has donated the first video tour of how this thing really comes together. The first idea is to use a a flat flash bracket to join the two together with a quick release plate, but Tony's got a great idea of using a wide flat base from an old Flowpod, so that the camera can stand on it's own. The Canon 550D / T2i is mounted with two Sima L brackets (same that I have), but similar ones are from Alzo or the Adorama L-bracket with 2 Standard Flash Shoe Mounts. For the quick release plate, he's using a Cullman QR. I like how that QR plate is mounted on that Flowpod wide base plate, fits pretty flush. Great job on this Tony and thanks for sharing the video. This gives more of us an idea of how it all comes together to make a decent hand held stabilizer on the cheap.

Not suggested for the Canon T2i, but I think this would be even more awesome with the DIY top handle idea.

find-price-button Camera L Video Bracket Hot Shoe

find-price-button Straight Bracket with Two Adjustable Flash Shoe Mounts



You've seen me flying pretty lightweight Video stabilizers recently, including the Glidecam HD1000 shown in this video. Well lightweight is nice and very easy to fly for short periods of time, but if you're going to be focusing on longer video footage with any stabilizer, it's time to start looking into a Vest. A Stabilizer Vest isn't going to help stabilize your video as much as the 'stabilizer' itself, but it does help you stay in control by carrying most of if not all of the weight. This is especially helpful for fast walking to running type shots.

Well i'm pretty set with the Steadicam Merlin Vest modified to work with the Glidecam HD4000, but I admit it is a bit overkill not to mention a bit pricey, for something that might only see 5% of your video work. So in my never ending search for the best bang for the buck, I decided to check out the Varizoom DV Sportster, one of the smallest, lightest, and cheapest Video Stabilizer Vests known to mankind...B&H Photo.

When this dropped in, the box looked fairly large and I was a bit disappointed. I was looking for small and portable. Then it was like a Russian Matryoshka doll unfolding box after box down to it's smallest bag. Wow, this thing is tiny. The bag is like a small padded duffle with extra room for other gear. Description from Varizoom states it can support it's own Flowpod, Steadicam JR. and Glidecam stabilizers. Now it's time to put it to the test this weekend and see if it actually holds up. You can find the Varizoom DV Sportster vest here. Stay tuned....