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Less than a year ago FotoDiox introduced a line of flat edge lit LED lights called the FlapJack. Using an array of LED lights that sit only at the surrounding edges and pointing inwards toward the center, the result is an extremely soft and diffused light source without hot spots or multi-shadow issues. At NAB 2015 they showed a number of new sizes and shapes to expand this line of LED lights.

A new addition to the FlapJack LED Lights is the availability of Bi-Color. The new models will allow you to dial in from daylight to tungsten to match your ambient lighting. You can find some of the original Flapjack lights over on their website, and hopefully the new larger sizes and shapes will be available soon. More information about the FlapJack LED lights can be found at the FotoDiox website (click here).

Fotodiox FlapJack Light LED ultra thin flat panel
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