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HongKong-Rig (4)
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If you thought those 'Gini Rigs' coming out of Korea were cheap, check out the new rigs showing up on eBay coming out of Hong Kong. Gini Rigs started inflating prices, I'm thinking to meet demands once they became popular. Made from CNC'd machined aluminum, black matte finish, 90 degree rod clamps, adjustable handles, and all standard 15mm so you can mix and match them to even RedRock and Zacuto. These puppies are going for cheap right now, but we'll see how long those prices stick around before it becomes popular. Check out the Hong Kong Should Mount Rigs following this link.

[UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE] I received a Gini Rig and reviewed it here: https://cheesycam.com/the-gini-rig-arrives-from-korea
[Updated] Full Gini Rig Photo Gallery and Review