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When you need to support a bit of weight for a new 4ft Jib / Crane or Camera Slider, you'll need a solid base. As an inexpensive solution i've been suggesting the FT9901SLV. I have no issues with this tripod under my short 3 foot Konova slider or the latest 4ft. Glideshot crane, but under heavier loads (like my 8ft. crane), the 75mm bowl mount can slip.

Davis Sanford FM18 Head
(Above) Davis & Sanford FM18 Fluid Head

To carry the most amount of weight, you'll need to grab a set of sticks and a fluid head that isn't based on the bowl mount like this Davis & Sanford (Owned by Tiffen Company) ATPG18 w/ FM18 Fluid Head. Normally sold on Amazon and other spots for about $240, B&H has a decent price drop (Limited Quantity) on this beefy set of ATPG18 All Terrain legs with Geared Center Column, and heavy duty FM18 fluid head. Not a bead deal while they last...

Davis Sanford FM18 Fluid Head Tripod
find-price-button Davis & Sanford ATPG18 w/ FM18 Fluid Head


This rod may not show up in searching under DSLR stabilizers, that's because it's been around for quite a while. The Tiffen Steady Stick (somtimes found under Davis & Sanford Steady Stick) works similar to the Body Support Rods underneath Shoulder Support rigs, except you don't need to buy the entire rig. This type of stabilizer will give you a nice support contact via belt clip, to support the weight of your DSLR camera, so you can concentrate more of your focus and composition. It also can pack up to travel size to fit in your luggage, and won't even break the bank. Check out the Tiffen Steady Stick prices on eBay..

So why am I posting this information now if it's been around for a while and many people already know about this item? Well, i've had my eye on the thing for quite a while also, and prices normally averaged $99 dollars. Right now you can grab them at just $59.95 + Free Shipping [via Amazon]

Or if you're a B&H Photo Video customer, you can grab the Davis & Sanford Steady Stick over at bhphotovideo.com for the same price [+ shipping charges]

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