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Typically most shooters enjoy working with Prime Lenses (fixed focal length lenses that don't zoom) due to their wide apertures and sharper image quality. Although there are literally dozens of choices for prime lenses, the list drops to a smaller number for prime lenses that offer the highly sought after 'Image Stabilization' feature.

So if you're a Canon user looking for a good image stabilized lens, here's a few recently released Canon EF prime lenses with IS. Besides just Canon cameras, keep in mind that Image Stabilization with these EF Prime lenses are also supported with the BlackMagic Cinema Camera EF Mount. These are also a native EF mount (not EF-S) so they are designed to cover both APS-C and full frame sensors like those found on the EOS 5D bodies.

Canon EF Prime Lenses with Image Stabilization

Canon 24mm Prime Image Stabilized
Canon 24mm F/2.8 USM IS
Canon 28mm Prime Lens Image Stabilizer IS
Canon 28mm F/2.8 USM IS
Canon 35mm Prime Image Stabilized
Canon 35mm USM IS