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Wow, it's amazing how a simple product from the aisles of a home improvement store can be transformed into so many different things by so many different people. In Video world, this is actually becoming a quite popular little DIY stabilizer and feedback has been great about the stability of the tool. Here's a couple more rigs that are popping up.

Kelly Bailey's DIY Rig

Jonathan Olshefski's DIY Rig

Franklin Anciano's DIY Rig

And here's a couple of Photos submitted by Sean Brown. The rig was used somewhere in their 'Lightface' film project.

Check out the Video trailer below shot in what I believe is the Canon 550D / T2i. I get lots of emails, so if I've missed anyone else, or if you have one to share, let me know, thanks.



Jeff Ello sent this photo in to share his build of the Cheesy DSLR Cage I posted about. It's a Behind the Scenes snapshot of a short flick titled 'Disorient'. Seen in this photo is the recent DIY DSLR Cage / Fig Rig / Stabilizer that was also featured on Cinema5d.com. Jeff made some additional modifications with free swinging handles on the side. I've asked Jeff to send in more photos and information about his project and his rig. The strut channel works perfectly for mounting accessories such as the LCD monitor Jeff has in his image. Very cool! If you haven't checked out the DIY Cage, read my article here: http://cheesycam.com/?p=966

Now i'm not always very clear about my DIY builds, so Marcus V Warner & Brian created their version of the CheesyCam DIY DSLR Cage with alot more detail on the parts list. I'm calling this the LP version because they really get thorough on the build and it's about 20 minutes or so. So if you can't get through understanding my video, check out Vimeo user Vitaphone's below.

They even have a detailed parts list on their Video page at: https://vimeo.com/12362135

I fly my Steadicam + Glidecam HD 4000 Hybrid rig quite a bit. I'm loading it up more and more with LED lighting, Shotgun Microphones, Zoom H4n, etc. I'm building it to follow someone around sorta 'Reality TV' style, and will still have decent lighting and audio. Although the Stabilizer and Vest are strong, i'm running out of space to mount things. I decided it's time to go with a DSLR cage to hold more accessories. I'll let you know how that idea goes, but this is what i'm looking at. Click Here for information on the DSLR Cage shown.