Sony RX100 Mark II Portable Macro Setup

Here's something fun I was playing with earlier, which could be of interest to those who travel with small cameras but want a little more out of them. In this setup, i'm adding a Raynox Ultra Macro Adapter to the RX100 Mark II. Since this version has a hot shoe, why not throw on a Macro LED light? Here's the results from my setup.

This is the closest the Sony RX100 Mark II can focus on a US Quarter.

Here's how close I can focus with the Raynox Macro Adapter.

Now i've tried a variety of other Macro filters (diopters), and various techniques, these Raynox Adapters I feel have the best quality smallest, and simplest setup. FYI, In order to use this Raynox adapter it needs to attach to a 'zoom' lens with a threaded filter. You need to zoom into the adapter to get the macro effect.

RX100 Filter Holder Adapter Macro Raynox
find-price-button Raynox Super Macro Lens Adapter

The Sony RX100 does not offer a threaded filter, so to mount the Raynox you would need to grab the PNC MagFilter. The MagFilter can be used on virtually any point-n-shoot camera that lacks filter threads. A very thin metal ring adheres to the camera's lens and a special Magnetic Filter Holder quickly snaps in place. The design keeps your compact camera 'compact' as it should be. Not only handy for this Macro adapter, but to also add CPL, ND, or other creative filters.

find-price-button PNCGear MagFilter System 52mm, 5mm, 58mm Threaded Adapter

The camera is literally on top of the quarter so it blocks light, plus it's a good idea to stop down your aperture in macro mode. Adding an LED Macro light helps shed light on the subject. It's a bit spotty, but i'm using this super cheap flexible LED Macro light (found here).

LED Macro Light Flexible
find-price-button Flexible Shoe Mount LED Macro Light

20 thoughts on “Sony RX100 Mark II Portable Macro Setup

  1. Harriet

    I have a Sony rx100m iv and purchased the 42mm magfilter. I am interested in purchasing the threaded lens adapter but don't know what size to buy. What will work for this camera?
    Thank You

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Grant - Not sure why you can't get it focused but those lenses are designed to get really close to the object. Really really close. After zooming in you'll need to move the whole camera in and away from the object until you can gind one thing in focus.

  3. Grant


    I have duplicated your setup with my RX100 II and can't seem to get it to focus on anything when I zoom into the macro attachment. I have tried different distances from the object, different shooting modes, etc. with no success. I am using the Raynox DCR-150 with the Magfilter 55mm adapter ring. Any help would be appreciated.

  4. Simon

    Hi, nice setup. Thanks for sharing this. I have a rx100 mark IV. Do you or does anyone know if this will be compatible with the recent revision of this camera?

  5. Luca Olivari

    Just saw your review on YouTube and I want to ask one thing:
    since some other users told me that adapters from Sony (like VFA-49R1) designed for RX100 work well with my DSC-QX10, I'd like to know, since I've some 58mm. filters if the Magfilter 58 fits on it.
    thanks in advance

  6. Han

    Can i ask some question ?
    Is it possible to use MagFillter attach on RX100 Mark III ?

    Thank you in advance

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Terri Watson - You do not have threads on the Sony wx300, so you would need a magfilter adapter and then a macro lens attachment. I am not exactly sure which size you would need though. You would have to measure the front area of the lens and then contact the seller.

  8. Terri Watson

    Please tell me what size I would use mag for my Sony wx300 also what are the apertures can you use with the adapter? filters,or is it just put the macro lens also is there another site we can buy cheaper macro lens thank you very much

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @James - You only need a MagFilter for the RX100. The Sony NEX lens will already have threaded a threaded filter mount on the 16-50mm lens.

    You may want to get a 52mm Threaded MagFilter for the RX100 and if you want to use the same filter on the 16-50mm Lens, see if you can get a step up filter to 52mm. The Raynox should fit on both.

  10. James

    Can you tell me exactly what size mag filters i need to get for the RX100 and NEX-3N with a 16-50mm lens? Also, do i need to buy separate DCR-250 raynox for each camera? I'm trying to buy one set for both cameras. Thanks.

  11. I wonder if there is any device like this to turn a 100mm macro into a super macro with a dslr.

    Do you know if such a thing exist Emm?

  12. gman1232

    Currently have an NEX7 and am looking for something more portable will I be dissapointed with image quality moving to the rx100 mk11? also how would you compare the video?

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Izhar - Not sure, But LED light can probably last several hours. There are many other options for macro led lights.

  14. Izhar

    How long will the Macro light work with the CR2025 batteries?
    Can it be used for time-lapse shoots?
    Thanks for the great work!

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