Sony USB Remote Start Stop Video and Clear Image Zoom

When you want an easier way to start and stop video on your sony cameras, I recommend getting this inexpensive Fotga remote. I've had this remote for a while, and it's worked with my Sony A7s, RX10, A6500, etc. Basically it should work with any Sony camera that uses a multiport usb input.

Fotga Start Video and Zoom Remote for Sony


2 thoughts on “Sony USB Remote Start Stop Video and Clear Image Zoom

  1. Post author

    @Joseph - Try going through the menu outside of video mode. Maybe try P A S M mode. In the menu change Zoom Setting to Digital Zoom or Clear Image Zoom.

    Sony Clear Image Zoom Enable Turn On

  2. What is the settings on a6500 so the zoom will work. I have a6500 plus 35mm F1.8 and recently bought goths remote it doesn't zoom in. It says optical zoom only.

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