SmallHD DP6 Firmware Upgrade Focus Assist

The old Focus Assist in the SmallHD DP6 HDMI LCD monitor would make the screen literally go black and show white lines in what was in focus. The problem was it was hard to see what you were trying to focus on. You can see an example in the video (above) of how dark the old Focus Assist feature was. Here you can see the new Focus assist feature (below) works much better than before acting more like an overlay.

I know i'm really late to update the DP6 firmware and it's probably been out for months, but i'm also using other LCD monitors so I was in no rush. When they said the SmallHD monitors were future proof, here's another example of how they've managed to continue to improve on the features.With a simple USB drive, you download the latest firmware from the website, and then run the install. This update took only 30 seconds or so, and i'm back in business. I've had this monitor for quite some time, and although i've neglected it lately, with the new focus assist feature it feels like a totally different tool again.

13 thoughts on “SmallHD DP6 Firmware Upgrade Focus Assist

  1. mojo43

    I've got a lng trip to the Philippines coming up and I sure could use a good small portable tripod.... are you going to keep me in suspense?? 🙂

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @mojo43 - Actually I was handheld with my left hand, and the 5D Mark II with SmallHD DP6 was on a 'monopod'. Not a tripod. Sorry I know it wasn't steady.

  3. Shlo

    I had the SmallHD DP6 but the limitations with focus assist and the lack of histogram lead me to switch to the TV Logic, which is FANTASTIC. The TV Logic also converts HDMI in to HD-SDI out. It's a bit more expensive, but well worth the money.

  4. Paul

    Now I just wish they would fix the stuttering on 1080 30p! Am I the only one who shoots in this mode using this monitor? Not one review mentions it, and I tried a couple different DP6's and they even confirmed ALL THEIR MODELS DO IT!!

    These SmallHDs have a stuttering when you try and SLOWLY pan while shooting 1080 30p. The image "catches" and jumps, subtle, but it's there. When I asked them about it they said "Most everyone we know shoots 1080 24p" but for TV work, I like using 1080 30p. They said it probably can't be fixed with firmware since its a memory issue.

    I still love the monitor for its other characteristics, but its a major issue to have to explain to a client on location during the playback of a shot that the stuttering is "just the monitor".

  5. Darryl

    I love the new firmware update, I use both the DP6 & DP4, On 98% of my shoots, SmallHD said there will be a firmware update for FA for the DP4 soon.
    Now Emm you used a Bay door as your backdrop?, and you didn't even have the C-DSL preset set on the monitor.

    Anyway not trying to badger you 🙂


  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Corbyn - I'm also using the Zacuto EVF and SmallHD DP4 systems. The DP4 is a good size for an external monitor, so I wasn't using the DP6 as much. With this firmware update, the DP6 now has better Focus Assist than the DP4.

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